I am a big fan of bridges

…and the role they have played around the world throughout history, their symbolism, structures, aesthetic and even the personality acquired by some of them. I like simplicity, made by a single trunk, but also those which are a virtuous work of earthquake-proof engineering, such as the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

I enjoy the drawbridges, as you discover these whilst crossing over the river Nile, and the suspension bridges you cross in the jungle because of the adventure that they invite… I appreciate those providing a good view, as the one in the Sydney Harbour over the roof of the Opera; and those offering harmony, as the red and curved bridge in Japan.

I love those awesome bridges that have become so popular thanks to films, such as that of Brooklyn, in Manhattan; those featured in romantic novels, as in Madison County; and those who have greeted great loves, like the Pont Neuf in Paris. I admire the historical values, especially those built by the Romans, like the one over the Guadalquivir in Cordova; those rebuilt after a war, such as Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the most innovative, such as the one celebrating the turn of the millennium over the Thames.

I am touched by the most experienced bridges, like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or those which have become a piece of art in themselves, like Monet’s garden in Giverny. I am surprised at those linking two countries, such as the Scandinavian Øresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, and, even more, so when linking two continents, such as the Turkish Bosphorus, which drives from Europe to Asia… and vice versa.


…And I am a big fan of bridges because bridges are planned to overcome an obstacle on the road, reduce distances and save time.

Because they stand to connect needs, interests and different realities.

Because they promote exchange, trade and consumption, generating prosperity.

Because they stand in favour of dialogue, tolerance, agreement and meeting.

Because they are bidirectional, multiply possibilities and provide knowledge and progress.

Because they pursue an objective, are created by people for people and have a happy ending.

Because Pons is my surname and it sounds the same as ponts, the word for “bridges” in Catalan, my language… and, like them, I also work in communication.

Marta Pons


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NOTE THE WORLD is the last video I recorded and edited, after a journey that has led me almost all around the world. From Silicon Valley and Napa County, in California, to New Zealand and Fiji, in the South Seas, it is a sequence of visions that made me see the world in a meaningful way –almost physical– that I wanted to record with the camera. My camera is my ally when exploring, the one that lets me emphasize what I am experiencing, and the one that takes me back home to revive it in the same intensity whenever I want, and especially the one that lets me share it…

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