Reel Video

Marta Pons, 2022

This video contains a compilation of my latest projects in this format…, which has always been my favourite. It shows a variety of topics, they all through a common thread: emotion. Looking through the viewfinder trying to capture meaningful images.

This video has been recorded and edited by me, and the music has been composed by my colleague Manu Mulet, who got inspired by the images.

Last Projects

National Geographic Fixing the future

Video attached to the article “50 projects that act against climate change”, written for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Spain from the coverage of the 2nd edition of “Fixing de Future”, at the CCCB in Barcelona.

Made with Caitlin O’Rorke, the video is a battery of statements in interview format. A representation of the 50 “inspirers of a new generation” who explained how they are acting, in a real and creative way, in the face of the climatic emergency.

Mireia Giné, IESE Business School & WRDS

‘Three-minute bio’ of the professor of Finances at IESE Business School, Mireia Giné. Told by herself, the video shares her career and academic life, from Fintech classes at IESE campus in Barcelona and Midtown Manhattan to Research papers presentations in audiences like the Stationers’ Hall in London.

In addition, the video travels to The Wharton School, the Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, where Mireia Giné joined WRDS, Wharton Research Data Services as part of the initial team. She is currently Director of International Initiatives, in charge of business development in Europe, Middle East, Africa and part of Asia.

REIALitza’t, Barcelona

This is the main video of a communication campaign called “REIALitza’t”. It has the aim of making Barcelonians enjoy again their Plaça Reial. The video shows the daily life news of one of the most authentic squares in Barcelona, explained by its protagonists.

The demand came from the Association of Friends and Shopkeepers of the Plaça Reial (Associació d’Amics i Comerciants de la Plaça Reial), and became a reality thanks to a project led by the Chamber of Commerce and the UE’s European Development Fund.

ICOT Miami, Neuroscience

The report “A Trip towards the Culture of Thought” reveals the experience of a team from two schools in Barcelona that travel to Miami to attend the ‘The 18th International Conference on Thinking’.

In addition to their presence at this global forum focused on Education and Neuroscience, the report also follows the different schools that this delegation visited in the state of Florida and which work under the new Culture of Thought paradigm.

Maricel 100-year Anniversary

This video served as the starting point for the exhibition “The Maricel Centenary (1918-2018)” -displayed inside the Maricel Museum itself in Sitges- in order to contextualise the creation of the Palau and explain how it became the framework for an unparalleled collection of Hispanic art.

It was an extraordinary story that unfolded almost like a historic novel, on the characters Ramon Casas, Charles Deering and Miquel Utrillo, and a plot that started at the ‘Gilded Age’, America’s Golden Age of collecting and philanthropy.

Web Projects


Pérez Iborra School

New website for this private school in Barcelona, to showcase their history and provide visibility for an educational project focused on the Culture of Thought. With a look inspired in American university websites -combining classic Harvard style with the innovative nature of Stanford in California- it has a visual and interactive structure to facilitate navigation and enable users to obtain exactly the information they are looking for.

Featuring a significant amount of their own audio-visual production, the web content integrates the school’s latest news via the blog, newsletter and links to their social networks.


Entorno Compliance

Corporate image and web project for the new Corporate Compliance Department of Barcelona law firm Arraut Asociados. This presents the relatively new legal concept of Compliance and incorporates it under the Culture of compliance, good governance and respect for lawful practice.

Users can get to know and contact the lawyers who make up the team and keep up-to-date with the thematic posts published on their Blog, Twitter and YouTube channel. The structure of the web has been designed to keep growing with the addition of new audio-visual material and an e-learning platform, so that companies can receive online training on crime prevention.

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