This video contains a compilation of my latest projects in this format…, which has always been my favourite. It shows a variety of topics, they all through a common thread: emotion. Looking through the viewfinder trying to capture meaningful images.


Corporate video in interview format, in which two lawyers from Arraut Asociados explain what Legal Compliance is and what benefits companies can expect from implementing a crime prevention programme.


The Metromover is an elevated train system that runs through downtown Miami at full speed, and is totally free of charge. It is a 7-kilometre loop in total and a fun way to see Brickell, the increasingly colossal financial district of Miami.


The “Actie-Reactie” exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam is celebrating 100 years of Kinetic Art. It gets viewers involved to the point that their experimentation and perception are fundamental to the work itself… because in this discipline, the important part is not what you see but what you feel.


This is the main video of a communication campaign called “REIALitza’t”. It has the aim of making Barcelonians enjoy again their Plaça Reial. The video shows the daily life news of one of the most authentic squares in Barcelona, explained by its protagonists.


Promotional video of the exhibition “The desired modernity”, with beautiful and sensitive images of art works and a brief speech explaining the essence, the intention and the distinctive feature of this new exhibition about the modernist painter.


Video of the exhibition commemorating the centenary of the Palau de Maricel in Sitges. A story featuring Ramon Casas, Charles Deering and Miquel Utrillo as key characters, and with a plot that begins during the Golden Age of collecting and philanthropy in the United States.


The report “A Trip towards the Culture of Thought” reveals the experience of a team from two schools in Barcelona that travel to Miami to attend the ‘The 18th International Conference on Thinking’, focused on Education and Neuroscience.


The Jamboree was the first jazz club in Spain and is a classic for American black music on Barcelona’s Plaça Reial. This video is part of the “REIALitza’t” campaign.


The Glacier is a bar for youngsters for many of us Barcelona locals. It has been the scene for concerts, gatherings and literary competitions, and their sandwiches are almost as legendary as the bar itself.


This club on Barcelona’s Plaça Reial is one of the city’s most famous underground venues. After 35 years and 5,000 concerts, Sidecar continues to offer a culture programme with a rebellious touch.


Navigating the Chicago River, which offers a new -and necessary- architectural perspective of the city. Ideally done when the sun goes down to see the skyscrapers light up. The soundtrack is a blues recorded at Buddy Guy’s Legends.


It was usual to joke about those who were at the bar of the Four Seasons Cocktail Bar, because they must think they had had a few margaritas, seeing the undulating and domino effect of the curtains…


La Fontaine de Vaucluse, a romantic spring in Provence evoking the beautiful and suggestive Pre-Raphaelite paintings, as these may well be floating in the waters where “Ophelia”, by Sir John Everett Millais, used to float in.